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Do I change ATF or just keep driving?


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2000 Suzuki Grand Vitara (compact SUV) bought it with 245,000 miles as a city get around car. The transmission fluid looks like grey mud! My first thought was a fluid change. Did some research and found the correct synthetic fluid and discovered that it has a filter screen instead of a filter so all it needs is a fluid change. In my search I found Scotty's video about changing ATF and he said if it's nasty and you haven't changed it don't as replacing the fluid can cause the torque convertor to start to slip because it's the fluid/mud that is currently giving the torque converter some friction. So I ask you: I know nothing about the history of this vehicle other than it sat for a few years before they drug it out of the weeds and I bought it. I can climb the steepest of hills (10 - 15% grade) around town with ease. So do it change the fluid to be kind to the transmission or will I hurt/ruin something by changing it? Thanks for your help. Smile

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If the fluid is muddy, then the transmission is barely hanging on. Even if it does survive a fluid change, it likely won't last long after that, so there probably isn't much point in changing it.