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[Solved] Axle Assembly C Clip Question


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Lexus ES 330 2005 Automatic 3.3 L V6 U151E Transmission

I am installing an axle assembly on the driver's side. The axle has a C clip that locates inside the transaxle to secure the spline-shaft in place.  Is there a test, once the c clip is in place, before reassembling it all, to tell whether the c clip is firmly in place and won't pull out?  Describe the test. ( I put one in another vehicle once and it was not secured and it ripped up the spline and intermediate shaft it connected to. I don't want a repeat this time.)

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I mean, you should already have a feel for C-clip retention force from when you removed it. It probably required a pry bar of some sort to get it out.

you should hear/feel a 'snap' as the c-clip seats in its groove.

After that, you should be able to yank in and out on the axle without it popping out.

Thank you for the reply. I appreciate it.

You're welcome and good luck.