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2018 F150 Gen 3 5.0 V8 Noise


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Hey Scotty,

I have a 2018 F150 XLT 5.0 V8 W/ 70k miles. It has been making some noise on deceleration under 2K RPM. Ford says it is a “normal” noise for the V8 (see example video link). I’ve been two 2 different dealers for 8 visits over the past two years. TSB 18-2354 DID NOT fix the issue.

should I accept this noise is normal? Or should I press Ford further? I have seen others use the Lemon law or BBB to get their vehicle bought back

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It sounds like something is going to break.

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Apparently many 2018 and newer V8s have this noise. 

@drod the 2018 5.0 is one of the worst trucks you can buy as that is the 3rd generation 5.0 from Ford. They completely screwed that motor up. It sucks oil, the noises as you are having problems with, cylinder deactivation and everything else they could possibly do to ruin one of the greatest platforms Ford produced. I would absolutely get rid of that truck as fast as you can.