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Do you need to warm up and older car ?


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Hi I have a 1998 toyota corolla . I use synthetic blend oil . But do I still need to let the car warm up and if so for how long? 

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In a car with computer-controlled fuel injection (like yours) warming up just wastes gas and adds to engine wear. You need to let it warm up long enough to put on your seat belt, look at your gauges, check and adjust your mirrors and put it into gear. Just don't drive it hard - close to redline - until you've driven a little bit. In the winter, let it warm up while you clear your windshield and the like.

Glen took the words out of my mouth. Watch the oil pressure come up to normal on your gauge. It takes about 15 seconds to get nominal oil flow to the engine top end happening. A little more in the winter time.


See below:

Like I said, IMO.


When I start my modern cars, I let the engine run until it comes down off the fast warm-up idle, then I start driving it. That gives the oil pump enough time to get oil fully circulated through the motor, which is the biggest cause of wear on start-up. After that, I don't drive with any kind of a lead foot until the temperature gauge is close to normal temperatures. 


Your car is considered to be a modern car and in modern car, you do not need to do warm up. 


It doesn't matter whether you have computer controlled fuel injection or not, metal is metal and it operates on an expansion coefficient with other metal parts that are designed to have very specific clearances at operating temperature.  Putting stress on parts that haven't achieved proper temperature is accelerating their wear.  Car manufacturers want you to start your car and drive away so it will wear out faster so you need to buy a new one.  I always let my vehicles warm up before putting any stress on them.  I don't care about wasting gas compared to the price of a new engine, trans, differential, etc.  Everyone has their own opinion.  That's mine.

How long do u let yours warm up ?

Until I see activity on the temperature gauge.

you can warm up the car as long as you like. It won't warm up the differential. metal expands with heat, so that's more friction. Cold metal will just burn a bit more oil.

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Well my car takes whoever I idle down.  That's another reason I asked . But when it does start up it usual is right above the 1