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Dodge Nitro 3.7 sxt (2007) Drivers side front Drive shaft issues


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Good afternoon for the Uk, I hope everyone is safe and sound and keeping well, following several close watches of your Youtube channel I am prompted to ask the following question:-

I have a dodge Nitro 3.7 sxt which when steering tightly has a knocking sound which I have been led to believe is a worn "Driverside Front" Drive shaft, firstly I have not been able to find any replacements for the item here in the UK, furthermore, on looking underneath the vehicle I dont see any wear, worn rubbers, or exposed bearing, how can I confidently diagnose that this is actually the issue and begin to find the part for this car, does the parts for this particular vehicle cross match any other vehicle or is this a problem both in the USA too?

Im being constantly told that no one holds this part, most garages are unaware that there is a nearside or off side drive shaft it I would rather like to confirm this issue before being bent over by anymore garages not knowing what to diagnose, obviously, if this repair can be carried out on my drive all the better.

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You need to get the front end up off the ground and have someone turn the steering wheel while inspecting the suspect area.  You should also grab the drive shaft and push up on it to see if there is any play.  If it needs replacement, there should be plenty of online shops that sell remanufactured units.