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F-150 rear end


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2000 "7700series" F150 Has alittle vibration for a sec or 2, but after I've been on the I-84 for 15 or 20 mins. But only when I've stopped & take off other than that it drives good. I wonder if the rear end might be alittle dry?

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Posted by: @astro

I wonder if the rear end might be alittle dry?

then pop the plug and check it. Or better yet open the inspection cover and ... inspect.


I Dont Know

Does that happen very often? What do you think my problem is "only with the rear end please?".

could be a lot of things. Can't tell you without looking at it. Check your u-joints.

Posted by: @astro

Does that happen very often?

Look under the rear end at the cover. If it's oily or looks wet, your rear end is leaking. It could be either the pinion seal or the cover gasket depending on where it's leaking. It will eventually happen if you neglect your maintenance and don't change the lubricant every 60k miles. 

They don't "dry up". Other than a breather tube at the top, they're sealed, and have a heavy oil in them. The gasket or pinion seal wears out and leaks oil. If you're really bad about it, axle seals can wear out inside the wheel assemblies.