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Electrical problems when accelerating


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I have a 2006 Ford 500 SEL with about 198,000 miles front wheel drive and is an automatic transmission. I recently change the alternator. After I replace the alternator the belt, or the alternator seems to make a whining/whistle noise, and it gets louder when I accelerate, and when I accelerate all of the electrical components in my car like the lights, my dash and cluster will go out all the little arms on my cluster that show like my miles per hour and RPM will shut off and drop to the bottom but once I take my foot off the gas pedal or a break they turn back on so I’m really confused on if I need a new alternator or if there is some sort of electrical issue going on that I don’t know about 

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She sounds like you got a bad alternator. Just get a listening device or a long metal screwdriver put it on the alternator. If you hear the noise is coming from there that's definitely a problem

Could that also cause my battery to constantly die or should I look into getting a new one as well