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Safety Recall - Jeep JL


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Hey Scotty,

I received a safety recall on my 2021 Jeep JL with a manual transmission – says that the clutch pressure plate can overheat and expel heated debris possibly causing a fire and injuring the occupants of the vehicle. It’s still showing parts unavailable - FCA Campaign 19A, we have a road trip planned in a few months.  I don’t dare tell my wife, she will freak out and never ride in my Jeep again.  I’ve never had a vehicle with a safety recall, how do these things work and how long to they take to get resolved.  Any advice?

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This appears to be a case of where the company attempted to "fix" a mechanical problem with a software update, which of course did not work. So now they have to scramble and come up with a real way to take care of the problem. From what I've been able to find they do not yet have a solution. (Amazing that they could not engineer a pressure plate properly in the first place. It's not like this is new technology.)

Given the potential consequences I would seriously consider renting another vehicle for your trip if the fix is not in by that time.