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Comment on "jack-knife" car keys video


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Scottie This is a comment. I just watched your video on the Jack knife key fob the key you know as it appears to me you can put that key in the Ignition 1 of 2 ways 1 way it's not gonna fold down and when you go over a bump it's not gonna shut off. the other way yes it can fold back down but that is mostly to the fact of how many keys people hang on that foldable key fob so you said nothing about that in your video so all you did was to make comments about why would you have a foldable key fob when a straight key works just nice instead of saying Hey you know you put the key in this way it's not gonna fold down it's not gonna turn off Hey don't put so many keys on your ring keep the weight off of it and that'll keep it from turning off if it happens to fold...


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For future reference please take a moment to note the difference between the title of your post and the body. The former is intended as a short description, is length-limited (long entries are cut short), and is not for all the details of your issue. The detailed description belongs in the body of your post. Thank you. (Title edited.)