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[Solved] EVAP "inc" OBD status. how to reset?


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My 2004 Mercedes E320 has an EVAP "inc" OBD code.

I drove almost 700 miles,

tried driving 55-60 mph ,

tried idling the car engine for 20 mins then driving for another 20 mins, then turning off the engine for 10 seconds and turning on again.

Still have the status EVAP "inc"

How do I get rid of it?

(*the AC doesn't blow cold, not sure if this is relevant though)


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In some states, like for example in my state of California, in order to pass a SMOG Check if the vehicle is model year 2000 or newer you are required to have all emission monitors Ready or Complete, with the exception of the EVAP monitor.  An incomplete for EVAP monitor under that scenario will not cause a smog check failure.


If your state has something similar then I wouldn’t stress it if the rest of the vehicle is running fine.

Thank you, DayWalker,

I'll try to find out if it's required in Texas.


"Inc" is not a code, it refers to an "incomplete" I/M status monitor, in this case for the evap system. Is there an actual code?

To get the status monitor to complete you need to find and repair the problem then run the car through the factory-specified drive cycle. (Leaks are common in a car that old due to deteriorated rubber hoses, or it could just be the gas cap.)

Air conditioning of course has nothing to do with the evap system.

Thank you, Chuck,

There are no OBD codes as of now.
I'll look for the factory specified drive cycle.

Posted by: @davit1013

Tried doing it, didn't work.

Drive cycles can be complicated and some tests even have to be done in specified order for all the tests to complete. Different models from the same manufacturer may require different drive cycles. (Sometimes it seems like standing on your head in a corner while whistling the Star Spangled Banner is required.)

I couldn't find the information for your specific model with a quick search, though the links below may give you a general idea. You may be able to get details for your vehicle from a dealer.

However if you don't need that status monitor to complete in order to pass emissions test I'd just ignore it - that's what I do.

Thank you, Chuck!


Thank you


Ugh. That’s the hardest thing to do. Get through the drive cycle. Especially when there is no documentation on how to do the drive cycle. 

This is the drive cycle I did for my Accord. I tried other drive cycles and couldn’t get it to work. I did the one below three times to be sure, and it worked. Granted this may be Accord specific. But maybe it will give you some ideas of what to try that you haven’t yet.

Thank you Kaizen, will try that drive cycle.

Let us know if it works or not!

Tried doing it, didn't work.

Aww man. That sucks. Hope you can find a drive cycle.

Thank you, but no need for that anymore, passed the inspection with it.

Awesome! Glad it passed!