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How do I replace my Lexus keys


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Hello homies I got a 2004 lexus is300 Smile  so I lost my car keys in Kona.

Got back went to 2 locksmith trying to get a new key to work. Second Noted guy noted, immobilizer was reset but cannot write new chip. 

Also noted on the check is (has bus failure code u2100 field ecu is the likely cause.
Any idea before I wasted my last 200 bucks :/ ????? sorry for this dang question I don't know what to dooo 

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like the code says, you have a bus failure (that means the computer signal wires). It will take a very skilled professional tech to diagnose and find the problem.

@moutainmanjoe Thank you so much for your help . So far I got zero luck finding that skilled :l so much to think about atm