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Should I buy this used car


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Hello I’m looking for a car and I think I found a good one but not too sure if the price is right I found a:

2010 Toyota corolla LE 

Exterior Color:Capri Sea Metallic
Interior Color:Bisque
Mileage: 83,295
Engine: 1.8L I4 132hp 128ft. lbs.
Fuel: Gasoline
Transmission: Automatic
Title: Clear
VIN: 2T1BU4EE8AC341050

Is this a good find I did my research and it seems like a good car but wanted your guys opinion on it
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You didn't state the price but it's nearly 14 years old so don't overpay. (The site lists that car with that mileage at around $7000 for private party sale, $9000 from a stealership.)

Carfax is not a reliable indicator of anything aside from the possibility of confirming mileage. (Look for any reports showing higher mileage than the current odometer reading.)

Before making a decision have a good mechanic give the car a thorough pre-purchase inspection.

Dang I forgot the price, it’s $12,495+ taxes & fees and this is a used car dealership in Humboldt county

Sounds excessive, prices are pretty inflated to begin with. However the used car market is still crazy so hard to say for sure if they're ripping you off. You could check for comparables in your area to get an idea.


If you proceed be sure to use caution. Used car dealers typically sell auction cars with unknown histories. (As I said you can't trust Carfax, not everything is reported to them or is public record.)

Yeah I did but the other comparable cars are over 100,000 miles for $7000-$9000. I did ask them how many owners and she said there was three owners. The last owner who had the car was an elderly lady. I guess they wanted to trade it in for a newer car and she was a local in the same area I live in.

I like to see a car that has been owned by the same person for many years. If I see a car had an owner only for a short time, that makes me wonder why they didn't like it, possible it has issues.

Dang that’s true, so the only option is to go to carmax😂 well at least they’re reliable but expensive in car payments!

Joints like Carmax are today's favorite dumping grounds for people getting rid of bad cars. To add insult to injury you'll also be paying the highest prices for possibly buying someone else's problems. If that's really your only choice proceed with extreme caution.

I mean I can trade it in for my Chevy Cruz 2014 at 144400 miles on it and it does need a $1300 car repair, should I risk trading it in for $1000 if I get lucky for a down payment instead of trying to sale my car as is for maybe $4.800? And it makes a squeaky noise when I run it & pulls as well when I slow down on a stop sign 🛑

That whole treadmill of dealers, car loans, payments, and trade-ins is completely foreign to me so I really can't say. (I buy old cars at private sale for cash, fix them up, and drive the heck out of them. By the time I'm done with 'em the only place they can be "traded in" at is at the junkyard.)


Generically about all I can say is that the Cruz is not good long-term vehicle and you should probably get rid of it if you can.

My Corolla LE just turned 300,000 miles. Bought it new in November of '06. Dead nuts dependable. Five speed manual. Actually, it just turned 299,999 and won't register any farther. Certain '03 thru '08 Corollas won't read past 299,999. Wouldn't hesitate to take it anywhere.


To me there is not much difference between a car with 83k miles and one with 100-125k, if maintenance records check out and it is a toyota.

I can go down to Florida, and get a 2007-2008 Corolla with around 100k miles or just over for around 7k. The land of retirees is full of cheap, reliable cars.