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How to remove one way screws?


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I have a license plate I am trying to remove.  It’s held on by two one-way screws, I believe they are #12 or #14.  I must have installed them 11 years ago (in hindsight it was a dumb idea).


I ordered the following tool from Grainger and after using it, it was worthless.  Each time the tool head would slip.



How the heck do I remove these one way screws?


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Can you cut slots across the heads with a Dremel and use a regular screwdriver to take them out? Vise-grips might work if there's enough side surface on the screw heads to clamp down on. As a last resort you might have to drill them out. If left-handed drill bits are used the screws might even come out if you're lucky.


left-hand drill them out. Do you have a photo?