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[Solved] fix a flat in a can in the winter


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Can I use fix a flat in a can in the winter or is it better to use in the warm weather?

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In any weather, a fix a flat can should be the absolute last resort. It may plug the leak, but it creates a giant mess inside the tire. So, you pretty much have to replace the tire with a brand new one instead of just getting it patched. You’re much better off using an actual plug or just towing the car to a tire shop to have it fixed. Only use those cans if you don’t have any other option.

The problem is not the tire it is the rim and I am trying to buy more time. I leak 15 psi per day and the tire is brand new.

Ah I see. You’re better off buying a steel wheel in the meantime - you can easily find one for $50 or even less. That way once you get a new rim, you can still use the new tire you have on it now.

thank you for the advice.


Use this instead


The tire is brand new, the rim however is not. It is a 17 year old aluminum rim. Brand new they cost 300 dollars and I did not want to do that. I do need to do something because it does leak 15 psi per day. I thought fix a flat might do it but I wanted to see what others thought first before I filled up my brand new tire with that stuff.

I don't understand. Are you trying to say your rim is cracked?

No the rim is oxidized and all the chrome plating is falling off, so I think the bead seal on the tire won't seal. So I seen a video from scotty where he used a can of fix a flat on his 94 celica and it lasted five years, but that is when he lived in texas and they don't often experience michigan winters. So for him it worked but for me the snow and ice would probably ruin any bead that the fix a flat would create, I think.


Your problem, your pick, but I'd roll by a junkyard/recycler and get a tire on a steel wheel - pretty cheap, and then you would have a spare that you could REALLY use (I'm presuming you have a space-saver instead of a full-size spare).

thank you for the advice.


I went to the link below:

Yes. If the temperature falls below 32 degrees Fahrenheit, Fix-a-Flat will freeze. The product in the can is not damaged and may be used after thawing (we recommend warming the can using your vehicle’s interior heater vent). If the product is in the tire, and freezing weather is predicted, then immediately take the vehicle to a qualified tire professional for repair.

thank you for the advice.