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Frame for a 1994 bronco


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Hey Scotty 

  I have a 1994 Eddie Bauer Ford Bronco and it has lived it’s whole life in Canada on the west coast I bought it back in 2018, brought it back to Ontario and I am deciding to do some work on it. I’d like to find a better frame/chassis or a new frame/chassis for it. The reason is because of all the salt water and the winters the rear end of the frame has become soft and I want this car to last a lot longer after I am finished all the work on it, is there any chance you’d know where to find a new frame or a good place to look for a better original frame for the truck. 



    George Ogston 

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my advice would be to search junk yards in the United States like Arizona New Mexico wherever where they don't rust at all and by the whole vehicle and then take it apart

Thanks Scotty!