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Has Ford Solved Their Problems with the 2.3L Turbo?


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Hey Scotty, my motorcycle days may be over because of health issues. I already miss exploring dirt roads on dual sports, so I’m leaning towards a 4x4. Whatever I get I want it to be reliable and fit in my 2-car garage, but I don't want to spend a stupid amount of money.

I’ve owned several extended cab, 4x2 midsize trucks because they're so useful and relatively inexpensive. I commute and haul stuff, but I have no plans to tow. I like the idea of 4-cylinder gas mileage with power when you need/want it as with the Ford Ranger 2.3L turbo (ecoboost).

I know Ford had problems with coolant leaking between cylinders two and three but changed the head design. I also know carbon buildup was an issue so Ford added injectors, which may have only partially solved the problem. Do you think the Ford 2.3L turbo may finally be a decent engine? Thank you!

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Even if they've fixed the issues with that engine, that truck still has the crappy GM-Ford 10-speed automatic that they jointly developed. The same transmission had recalls in F-150s. Both of those companies have a habit of band-aid recalls.


In an unrelated recall, rather than fix faulty fuel injectors that leak in the current Bronco Sport and Escape, Ford is putting some stupid drain and a way of electronically notifying the owner of the leak -not exactly confident in that engineering. I buy cars to drive that won't catch fire, not risk driving a molotov cocktail. 


Anyways, get a Toyota Tacoma if you're looking for a truck that size. These new Rangers will never hold up like the old ones did. I'm a Ford guy, as well.

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Toyotas always cost more, and I've never liked the seating position in the Tacoma (I'm 6'3"), but I also hate unnecessary repair bills. What sucks is I bought a new V6 Frontier in 2016 and it only has 35k, but I didn't need 4x4 at the time, so I went 4x2. Nissan's quality went to hell since then so now it appears the Tacoma has no competition.


 I wouldn't be the guinea pig here. I would look at something else.


Yes Toyota does cost more but with it you get reliability and quality. So it's either pay more now and get the extra peace of mind or pay less but then be stuck with repairs and quality issues. Like everyone else said a truck definitely the Tacoma, or if suv then 4Runner.