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Should I buy a 90s Corvette


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I am looking to buy a manual 1992-1996 corvette in good mechanical shape, cosmetic wear and tear is fine, with 80-130k miles on it. My questions are if I drive it like 6k miles a year will it be reliable at least as sports cars go, where should I look to buy one, how should I handle finding what shape it is in if bought online, and how much should I pay for it?

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Posted by: @bclaud8977

where should I look to buy one

See what's around in your area.

Posted by: @bclaud8977

how much should I pay for it?

If you're looking for a C4 Corvette with your specs, you'd be paying between $5k-$10k (depending on the condition it's in).


So would $5k be a reasonable offer if it was mechanically fine with 130k miles but had cosmetic issues in and out


So do you think it would be reliable and have another 80-130k in it and what should I look for if I am buying from someone on the corvette forum?

Posted by: @bclaud8977

what should I look for

Check for any leaks. Look at the condition of the serpentine belt, hoses and especially the transmission. If it's an automatic, you want to make sure that it still drives and shifts smoothly.


Personally, Id look for a C5, the LS1 is a big step up over the LT1. Though that comes with a price, too. They can be reliable if well maintained and not abused. But, expect leaks on different types of seals, and other small issues that comes with an old car. 


In the sports car world, both the C4 & C5 are very reliable. They can still boogie too. 

Yeah I actually looked at those for a while, but I have come to the point where I have realized they are just going for more money than I can afford.