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Emissions P0410


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My 2000 Chevy Silverado 4X4 4.8 L is not passing the Blue Tooth Smog TEST.
Getting P0410 error code. Most FAQ's list the issue as: Fuse, Relay, Air Injector and check valves. 
Fuse and Relays test good, Injector and check valves have been replaced, found a bad vacuum line and replaced.

Still fails Air Injector test with P0410. Displeased Also this test is slow to run, stays at pending status.

Not a daily driver, maybe 1k/ year  and the mileage is 120K. Any recommendations?


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2 Answers

Do you have a bidirectional scan tool to test the various components?

Here's a few other suggestions - though oriented to foreign cars the tech is the same:


Air bypass solenoid, air diverter valve?