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What are my options with a blown head gasket?


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Feb. 8, 2023


I'm pretty sure I have a blown head gasket. A mechanic did the test. I have a 1999 Ford Ecoline Cargo van. Fuel is getting into the radiator and boiling the radiator. Consequently the water pump went out too.

I suspect foul play in blowing the head gasket. People were constantly messing with my van.

However, my question is, would it be worthwhile to replace the water pump first? Until I can get some money together for the head gasket? Or, would the water pump only go out again if the head gasket is blown?

I can't afford to pay for both at once. 

Thank you,

Glenda L. Cooper <personal info removed>




2 Answers

I would do the head gasket first if the engine is in good condition. I dont think changing pump first is a good idea. Its cold now so if the pump at leasts rotates and makes coolant move you should be good. If you noticed any strange behavior in you engine in the last year, clacking or something, then just trash it and look for something else. Or buy used pump + new GOOD head gasket (dont buy cheap unless you want to dispose of the car soon).


Welcome new member. Sorry to hear about your problem. Head gaskets are a common reason people come to this forum.
Take a look at the search bar above. Unfortunately people waste a lot of money trying to find a cheap fix. It might be worth getting a second opinion from another mechanic, and you might find someone who is willing to work with you on payments. But otherwise don’t throw good money after bad. 
The good news is that with the vanlife craze, if you decide to get rid of it, you’ll probably get $ for it even with a bad gasket. 
good luck