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Lexus GX460 or Volvo XC90


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Dear Scottie,

Which SUV would you recommend for better ride and reliability the 2016 Volvo XC90 or the 2016 Lexus GX460?

Thank you, I love your videos.



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I don't think anybody on this forum is going to say Volvo


From my knowledge that Lexus is much better car than that volvo.


The GX460 is overall a good reliable luxury SUV that can go most anywhere. It scores a bit lower than the GX470 but I think that is because they put some more bells and whistles on it.

That particular Volvo is owned by many highly disappointed customers.


If you would get a Volvo at an older age like 2009 or 2011 or so with a naturally aspirated 3.2L I6 engine in it, I wouldn't think it would be a bad idea. The one you're looking at right now could have a lot of problems for the fact it has a small turbocharged 4 cylinder in that huge SUV, that engine could wear out quick! You're better off with the Lexus my friend. Also be aware about having the starter break too if you're gonna get that particular Lexus as well. If the starter breaks, it can be a real pain to get it out and the intake manifold has to be taken out in order for it to be replaced easily. But other than it, those V8 engines can go for a long time as long as they're well taken care of. Between the Volvo and the Lexus, get the Lexus! It's better to have a big SUV with a V8 than a small turbocharged 4 cylinder in it that would wear out like crazy if something goes bad or whatever. 


An opinion about Volvo

About Lexus


I do like the transmission in the Volvo. It’s an Aisin and the same transmission in many Toyota and Lexus vehicles, like the non-hybrid RAV4 and Highlander, and the non-hybrid NX and RX. 

I’m not too sure on the engines though. 


Either one is good deal. Volvo are known for reliability and low maintenance costs. A Lexus is practically a Toyota but more fancier. Lexus is Toyota's luxury brand I believe. Are you buying used?

Some volvos can be decent, this is not one of them.