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Heat and ac Stops working along with airbag light comes on.


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Hi Scotty,

I hope you can help me with this as this has been going on for awhile and cannot seem to fix it.

I have a 2010 Jeep commander 5.7 hemi. Last year my air bag light came on and AC along with heat stopped working. I tried cleaning TIPM Module, checked battery. Then I thought it was an ignition issue WIN module. Still nothing did not fix it. I live in Nashville, tn. 

Thank you!

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Posted by: @crimjusmaj3gmail-com

my air bag light came on

You'll need to run diagnostics with a high level scan tool to find out what's causing it.


Posted by: @crimjusmaj3gmail-com

AC along with heat stopped working

Can you be more specific? It's the wrong temperature, or the air doesn't blow?