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[Solved] Honda Element struggles to start


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Hi everyone,


Several weeks ago someone stole the catalytic converter from my 2004 Honda Element. They cut a bunch of the exhaust pipe around it and cut the O2 sensors. This was all fixed at a local shop (thankfully covered by insurance). They had to use an aftermarket Cat because the factory/OEM ones are not available right now, but the other parts were OEM (oxygen sensor, muffler gasket, muffler mount). Ever since getting the car back, it seems to struggle to start occasionally. There have been a few instances when it has not started the first time. It's a Honda. It has always started, even when I lived in harsh winter climates. I am hesitant to take it back to the shop that "fixed" it. The check engine light has been on since even before the Cat was stolen, but it is an old vehicle and that light has come on occasionally without it seeming to mean much. The check battery light is not on. The only time I can recall the car not starting at all was when the battery died maybe 3 years ago. That same replacement battery is still in the vehicle.


This is a 2004 Element, 4-cylinder 2.4L, automatic transmission with about 103,000 miles. All replaced components were OEM except the converter itself.



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Posted by: @flautoguy

The check engine light has been on

maybe they didn't fix it properly. Inform your insurance claim agent.


Posted by: @flautoguy

it seems to struggle to start

have your battery/alternator tested.