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2005 Subaru Baja Turbo Manual Transmission occasionally stalls


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Hi, really love your channel on U tube. I have a 2005 Subaru Baja 2.5L with manual transmission, it has about 235000 miles on the original engine. It runs great for a Subaru with 235000 miles. I had to replace the fuel pump controller because the engine would idle but the circuit that boosts the pressure when you need to accelerate was bad and it would still run but only in idle. I also replaced the fuel pump because the manufacturer of the controller would not honor the warranty if it was not changed with the controller.  The car is a drive by wire throttle body with individual injectors for all four cylinders. It does not have an idle air control valve because it is an electronic throttle body. My Haynes manual tells me that the throttle body takes sense voltage from several sensors in order to schedule throttle position.  I took a trip to Colorado a couple of weeks ago in this car and it ran really well except it started stalling sometimes. It threw a code for low fuel pressure just once. I reset it and it has never returned. I replaced both post turbo cats with aftermarket cats from Rock Auto but could not replace the pre turbo cat before my trip, which is the one that usually is the problem child. This was due to low efficiency codes that keep occurring. I surmised that because of the low fuel pressure symptom and the more than just likely clogged pre turbo cat that was the problem. I deleted the pre turbo cat and the engine idles much smoother now, but still stalls occasionally. Could it be a dirty mass air flow sensor? Any suggestions? Thanks V/R Bill

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do you have other catalytic converters? Maybe they're clogged too.