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1996 Toyota Celica GT No start


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I have a toyota celica gt 1996 with a 97 engine.

What I have done to get it working again.

Changed the alternator , new battery, new fuses, a new starter, new gas pump, fuel filter, oil filter, oil change. The car only starts if I use starter fluid. The lights turn on and the car cranks but it won't turn on. On its own with out the starter fluid.

today i installed the circuit opening relay that I ordered. I listened for sounds like the relay and pump. It all sounded good when I heard them click. I went for the go to see if it turned on. And everything short circuit. There is no power running through the car. I tested the relays in the engine and in the car. All is good. The battery still has 12v. Now I hit a wall where I can't figure out what is wrong.

I know you love the Toyota celica like I do. I was hopeing since you own one. You could help me 8nderstanf my car.

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"And everything short circuit. There is no power running though the car"? Have you checked your fusible link?

This video might help

I have found this forum helpful for these kinds of questions