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2002 Civic LX the EGR is missing cables


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I buy this car a few months ago from a friend who is telling me he got it already like that..i can't find the right key words to search online and download how to run new connection to existing EGR

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2002 Civic LX vacuum hose routing diagram.  Search


The 2002 Honda Civic DX and LX models have the D17A1 engine and the EX has the D17A2 engine. 

The 2002 Civics DX and LX 1.7L (non-VTEC) ((engine code D17A1)) doesn't have an EGR valve. I think that engine only had an EGR valve after 2003.

The 2002 Civic EX 1.7L (VTEC) ((engine code D17A2)) has an EGR valve.

Also, a different upstream O2 sensor is used in the 2002 Civic EX. 

So why is there an EGR valve in your 2002 Civic LX? Was the engine replaced at some time in the past?

The thing is if your engine computer is trying to operate the EGR valve, and there isn't an EGR valve connected, the check engine light would be illuminated and you'd be getting some sort of an EGR circuit code (like P1491) because the engine computer would be expecting to see a voltage signal from the EGR pintle position sensor (built into the EGR valve) and it wouldn't be getting that signal.



Well you'd need a wiring diagram and find what happened to those wires that are missing. Or you might get lucky for Honda dealer parts. Department is nice. They might show you on there computer a schematic of it and then you can see what they are and if they're gone you can buy the parts from them. They're the only people that would sell something like that other than the junkyard