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Which pickup should I buy


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Scotty, I am passively looking for a new truck within the next year or so. With Toyota destroying the Tundra. Which manufacturer and engine configuration should I be looking at?I currently have a 2008 Tundra double cab I bought brand new it’s got 200,000 miles. I don’t want to get rid of it but my family is expanding.

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Posted by: @unostres

my family is expanding.

time to get a minivan

LoL noooo

Or you could compromise

I've actually seen somebody selling a quad cab that they added a third row to make a total of nine seats and put a short bed in the back

People seem to treat trucks like minivans today anyway

Desperate to signal masculinity by their car choice I guess.

Posted by: @unostres

With Toyota destroying the Tundra.

I know a lot of people still prefer the v8, but they haven't destroyed it with the turbo. I know they had some issues with the waste gate initially but that has been fixed so nothing to worry about. And it's a Toyota turbo; I'll still trust it much more than a naturally aspired engine made by some other manufacturers. I personally wouldn't be worried about buying one.

Or with a growing family if you need the passenger room buy a suv and then get a Tacoma for when you need a truck.

  • V8 Sequoia 

Those are awesome! Don't forget the Land Cruisers and the Lexus LX570s too. Even though they're a real pain to find and costing an arm and a leg to get one 😆

And gx


I agree with @fjcruiser2014 that the new Tundra is still the cream.  Probably never be as reliable as the previous V8 (what is?) but still pretty good.

I bought a new truck a year ago, and narrowed it down to a Tundra versus GMC 1500 with the 3L Duramax.  I went with the GM.  Even though I know that there will be more things to fix, the drive train itself is solid (and considering it gets 25 mpg all day, pretty compelling).  I figure that between the discount I got (good luck getting a discount on a new Tundra) and fuel savings, that will likely offset the GM quality penalty.

If I was buying now, I would also look at the V8 Ram trucks.  I know, their electronics are fecal matter.  But, man, are they nice.  And Ram right now seems to be discounting more than the others.  No way I would pay MSRP for a Stellantis product.  But if it was discounted enough, you could put the savings toward an extended warranty (careful!) and emergency slush fund.

Tundra is still likely the best, especially now that they supposedly have the waste gate issue sorted.  But look around and decide for yourself.