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Which pickup should I buy


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Scotty, I am passively looking for a new truck within the next year or so. With Toyota destroying the Tundra. Which manufacturer and engine configuration should I be looking at?I currently have a 2008 Tundra double cab I bought brand new it’s got 200,000 miles. I don’t want to get rid of it but my family is expanding.

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Posted by: @unostres

my family is expanding.

time to get a minivan

LoL noooo

Posted by: @unostres

With Toyota destroying the Tundra.

I know a lot of people still prefer the v8, but they haven't destroyed it with the turbo. I know they had some issues with the waste gate initially but that has been fixed so nothing to worry about. And it's a Toyota turbo; I'll still trust it much more than a naturally aspired engine made by some other manufacturers. I personally wouldn't be worried about buying one.

Or with a growing family if you need the passenger room buy a suv and then get a Tacoma for when you need a truck.