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low fuel pressure code- 2002 Lexus GS300


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  • I live in NY I have a 2002 2jz lexus gs300 with no rust it's popping up a low fuel pressure code and can't figure out the issues it has 180k miles almost everything is original parts except what I've replaced any ideas I was thinking it was a regulator 
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Posted by: @tteygod

everything is original parts except what I've replaced

What parts have you replaced and what is the code you get?

P0125 and p0135 I've replaced all plugs and 02 sensors

Did you use OEM sensors? P0135 is for oxygen sensor.
P0125 is for engine coolant temperature sensor issue. These do not relate to the file pressure.

I have a replacement. But could it also be tricked? I had a tick in one of the cylinders but after I had the issue it stopped making the noise and it has less power it sounded like a plug or coil pack issue


Have you checked fuel pressure manually using a gauge? It's possible that the 20-year-old sensor is bad.

Sadly no. I don't have a Guage got lost moving