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Should I buy a CR-V


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thinking of buying my first car found this deal from a friend selling

2000 Honda CR-V automatic should I proceed?


4292.20 dollars

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$4300 is too much for a 21 year old crv. If it is the car you really like, maybe try negotiating to $3000. Chrisfix has a good yourube video that goes very in depth to buying a used car. Good Luck. 


thank you, sir

your welcome, i'm only 15 though

haha still thank you very much for sharing wisely.


Kind of high, maybe try to get the price lowered if you can.  They had defective valves sometimes though so be wary.

thank you sir for that info

Your welcome! Hope your first car is a good one!

looking to get a good first car without issue though its old, thanks


According to answers, in America it is too expensive. According to your posts you live in Kenya. Is that the normal price in your area? What about mileage? I personally would not pay more than 2500€ for low mileage one in good condition. For high mileage I would pay far less.

Good luck!


Thats way too expensive it could be a good car for 1000 bucks but not 4 grand walk away.

thank appreciate