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Honda civic type r tires & oil catch can


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I recently got a 2019 Honda Civic Type R and absolutely love it. Couple of quick questions for you experts.


I want the car to last as long as possible (even though I often drive it hard). Would installing an oil catch can be worth it for increased longevity?


Any other upgrades/practices I can do (besides changing the engine oil regularly) to achieve the longest lifespan possible?


Also, I live in Seattle where the roads are often slippery from the rain. I assume that I need better tires to grip the road. With the civic being a front wheel drive vehicle, could I just replace the front 2 tires with a better, all season tire? The tires I have on the car are not work out that much (so I would like to use them up if possible); they just do not seem to do that great in the rain with all the engine power. Also, anyone have any tire recommendations?



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I never recommend running different tires like that. Run the same kind on all 4. 

As for the catch can, the best thing you can do for longevity of any machine is NOT beat on it. Hard driving will easily offset the benefit of having a catch can and then some. You have to either have fun with it, or shoot for long life. You can't realistically do both.


Keep all 4 tires the same on it, don't mix. Because of Honda turbo engines, oil dilution issue, I'd change the oil between 4-5k miles. As others have said, if you thrash your car, the catch can won't make much difference. 


You said that you drive hard- I would leave the car as is for the moment.

You could go for all-season tires if you want to. I would go with Good Year All-season. If doing so, go with all 4 tires.