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Tips on removing a 20 year old clear bra


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We've got a 2002 Camry that has had a clear bra on it pretty much from day 1.

I'm looking to see if Scotty or anyone else has suggestions on how to remove it. Not surprisingly it is very brittle, so peeling it off is not an option.

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I find gin cocktails are fairly effective at removing bras.


I wish I had better news for you. My friend removed an old one two years ago in the summer, in the sun with goo gone, a hair dryer and plastic scrapers. It came off in little pieces and took two days.

This guy uses a 3000 psi pressure washer that seems to work quite well. I would try to test it on something before denting the hood or blasting off the paint. Good luck.




A hair dryer and WD40 work well in these situations.