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HONDA CRV 2.2 ctdi.ex


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Hey! Hi!

First things first! Thanks a 1000 for your channel and the BS talk! Greatly appreciated all the way over to France (Montignac Lascaux to be exact). Excuse my imprecise english and car talk vocabulary.
I'm in the market for a second hand car (as always for me) and whilst looking for a rare Volvo XC70 D5 Manual gear box (era between 2005 and 2007) I came across I lot of Honda CR-Vs CTDI with about 150000 km to 200000 km between 4500€ and 6000€ depending on the finish, the mileage, the servicing.. etc.
I'd be using it for work (Blueberry farm).. So road and tracks.
What should I look out for in these models when buying one? Are they really with it? If I take care of it would it last an other 200000 km or more?

Any thoughts are welcome.


Merci beaucoup!! 



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Those CRVs can last a long time. I've had customers with $350,000 mi on them. You're buying used so of course you need a guy like me to check it out to make sure it wasn't rack flooded stolen who knows what happened to a car to somebody selling. I laughed at your friends are all now rioting because they want to change the retirement age to 64. I'll be 70 and I'm still slaving away. Of course I like what I do. Maybe you all hate what you do.

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Thanks Scotty!

Yeah! I'll will need a good mechanics like you! And I do have one. He is just too far away from where the vehicle is right now.

What are your top 5 european cars from 2005 era up to now? Volvo, Audi, Citroen (if you have any), VW, Fiat, Renault, Mercedes, Seat, Dacia, ... ?

Regarding retirement. It's a bit more complicated. I think most people enjoy their jobs  a lot! But they would like to be correctly paid for doing so and not see the big corporations suck up all the benefits and then the government reducing tax for the big corporations and asking the day to day workers more effort on wages and retirement age...

I'm lucky! I love my job too, I am paid a good salary and hopefully will be able to go on until i'm 70 too! For the sake of having fun Smile