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Oily Spark plugs on 94 Celica Gt


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Hey Scotty. I have a question about my 94 Toyota Celica that I hope you can help out with. I've been having issues with oily spark plugs for 2 years now. I have seen your video on your Celica that had the same issue & how you replaced the gaskets. I've done the same but I keep having the same issue over again with the same two spark plug chambers. My mechanic says that it couldn't be the spark plug gaskets because they're on top & not on the bottom like newer vehicles have. What's your take on this? How does oil seep through into the spark plug chambers on these Celicas? And how can I prevent it from allowing oil in them ever again? Thanks! -Edwin

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Well I can only happen two ways either. The seals are bad which is the most common thing and they go bad in the oil gets in there or there's a crack somewhere a hairline crack in the tunnels themselves

Gotcha! Thanks for the feed back. And quick response. I'll take this info back to my mechanic. And more than likely switch out the gaskets again. Thanks for all you do!