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Honda Engine Worth Repair


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I got a 2013 Honda Accord V6 Touring with 166K miles. I had a valve adjustment scheduled, but the day before I gave the car to my mechanic it started making a ticking noise. He checked everything out, and said my lost motion assembly is clapped on cylinder 1 and recommended I’d replace them on all 6 cylinders. He also noticed a part of my camshaft and rocker arm is also damaged by cyl 1 and recommends to replace them as well. Coincidentally, the parts are on national back order 😂 I guess Honda’s been having problems with these V6s? Guess it makes too much sense to issue a recall for uneven engine wear 🙃 I told my mechanic  to throw in full belt service and new coolant while the engines torn apart because I’m coming up on that as well, and he quoted me at $3800. As someone who services my cars religiously, is it worth the money to repair?

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We believe the issue stems from Honda’s Variable Cylinder Management (VCM) on those new gen V6s; cylinder 1 is the only one that turns off when VCM is engaged in either 3- or 4-cyl mode, but I deactivated the VCM with a tuner when it had 165K. Maybe it’s too late and the mileage caught up? Who knows. I live in Jersey and commute to a finance office and do mostly highway driving (shoutout to all my Jersey people who relate to the struggles of driving on I-80)

Which tuner hardware or software did you use?

Ktuner 1.2. I just deactivated it from the menu and kept the stock tune


So much for the glory of AFM.

Honda calls it VCM (Variable Cylinder Management), but same nonsense regardless.

Nonsense is the correct term.