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How do I fix rough idle


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Hey Scotty, we have a 2013 Honda Pilot (120k miles) and everything runs great still, no issues while driving. When the car is in Drive and not driving, it feels and sounds like it has a sort of low rumble or rough idle. Dealer says they couldn’t find anything wrong, had new spark plugs and transmission fluid done recently and new timing belt too. Any ideas?

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Clean the MAF sensor and run some fuel injector cleaner. 

Ok the MAF sensor looked good but cleaned it anyway. Replaced air filter, ran fuel system cleaner and cleaned the throttle body with a spray cleaner and rag. Seems like overall it’s slightly better but I definitely still notice it. Any other possibilities or suggestions?

Have you done valve adjustment?


Clean or replace the MAP sensor also and get the fuel pressure tested in addition to what @yaser recommended.  Please find a competent independent mechanic, not a dealer, for your services.


Run a diagnostic scan.