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2014 Dodge Charger AC issue


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     I have watched your channel for a while now, and I appreciate your approach to all things automotive. I am writing to you with a question about my 2014 Dodge Charger Pursuit model, with 137,572 miles on it. It has the 5 speed, column shifter and the 5.7 hemi. The engine looks like it has a MOPAR remanufactured engine tag on the front of the passenger side cylinder head. The car is a retired state trooper cruiser, with a salvage title. My son transferred title to me, as I needed a car and he found something more suitable for himself.

     Although this is an A/C issue, I used my el cheapo OBD2 scanner (HyperTough  model HT309) to take a look. No codes showed, I went in and checked "control module" ($7E8:Engine) and ($7E9: A/T), for what that is worth.

     I took the car in to a local, independent garage here in Florida to see if there was anything he could diagnose in an hour. I quote the mechanic notes verbatim below:

"1- A/C System -evacuation and recharge  Note: Evacuated full amount, recharged full amount 1.75 lb.  Confirmed AC not operating normally. Fans operating, no visible leaks under the hood, compressor kicking on, touch and feel diag shows lines not at normal temp. Evacuated 1.54 lb, spec is 1.75 lb. Vacuum tested for 20 minutes with no signs of leakage. Recharged and found no change from vents. Noted passenger side vent is blowing full heat. Driver side is blowing about ambient temperature. Mode doors not operating properly."

     I went home afterwards and looked up 2014 Charger A/C issues on YouTube, the Dodge seems to have a problem with failing A/C actuators that start clicking due to broken internal gears (plastic). I attempted to find any clicking in the system in the front passenger and driver footwell areas, nothing heard. I believe this model has (4) of these actuators.

     What else should I be looking at to get to the root of the problem?  

Thank you in advance,



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Mode doors not operating properly."

I think your mechanic diagnosed it correctly. The symptoms are related to the faulty blend door actuators. 


Did the shop check test system pressures to see if the compressor is functioning? That compressor has both a clutch and a control valve per the photo on The shop verified the clutch is working but what about the control valve and associated electronics? If you're not getting the expected hose temperatures as reported that suggests the compressor is not pumping.