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[Solved] How bad is a 2016 Ford 350 Transit van ecoboost ?


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I acquired a van for the company that I work for a 2016 Ford Transit T350 3.5 ecoboost about 125,000 miles. It was given to me with a check engine light and turned out it needed a new water pump and radiator. How much borrowed time I got to play on this thing? My last work van was a 2008 Chevy Express 2500 6.0 150,000 miles the brakes were down to the floor and the catalytic converter was stolen so they decided to get rid of it and give me this Fix Or Repair Daily. In general are transits better than Express vans or worse? Will I be Found On Road Dead soon?

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I would personally prefer the Express 2500. It's the lesser of evils.

More power and comfort. A more dependable, low-tech naturally aspirated powertrain.

The ecobooms are awful, but the 2016 has a 2nd gen that isn't as bad. Blast the carbon buildup once in a while,  change the plugs more often, and keep up with turbo maintenance.


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How much borrowed time I got to play on this thing?

Not much at this rate. 


Keep a close eye on your temperature gauge.