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2007 Hyundai Tiburon V6 rotten eggs smell in cabin


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Hey Scotty, how do feel about a hyundai tiburon gr 2007 v6? Cool looking sports car. I have one and am starting to have a rotten egg smell in the cabin of the car. Could this be cats or something else? and what’s your general thoughts on the car? my cousin is looking at one for 8500$ 

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Not only is $8500 way overpriced, those cars don't hold up particularly after 100.000 miles.

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If it’s not your cat, check your bat..


I would pass, Korean cars don't have good quality and fall apart before or a little more than 100k miles. Also $8500 for a 13-year-old Tiburon is absurd, I would rather buy a Miata. The Miata is gonna outlast the tiburon, it's more fun to drive, and you can get them for a very good price.


There are at least three possible reasons for sulfur smells in the cabin:

1. High sulfur (low quality) gas. If you use a major "Top Tier" brand, that's unlikely;

2. As stated above, the smell could be coming from the battery, either from loose clamps (you'll see white blue residue)OR a tiny/small crack/leak in caps or the casing;

3. As mentioned above, the cat could be going bad. That would show up on a scan tool with enhanced diagnostics.



Try changing your cabin filter sometimes that's the best way to eliminate foul odor's. You could also try odor eliminators. It would be best if you spot the source of the smell and clean it. 

Like mentioned above, Korean cars are not good quality cars.