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I am thinking about replacing my stock exhaust with an aftermarket exhaust.


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Good Afternoon Scotty!

I have a 2015 Chevy Silverado 4.3L V6 WT Automatic with RWD. About 118k miles. I am thinking about replacing my stock exhaust with an aftermarket exhaust. The resonator valve squeaks occasionally and its pretty rusty.

I was going to stay away from dual exhaust and get something simple like the Flowmaster Flow FX - Flowmaster 717857 Flowmaster Flow FX Cat-Back Exhaust System (

I am bit concerned about too much racket at highway speeds (driving my girlfriend crazy on long trips) and/or causing issues with my AFM/DFM. 

Before I waste 600ish dollars, any thoughts or concerns are appreciated as always!

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Well, the 4.3 wont have a great sound, its not gonna sound like the 5.3 V8. So if you're getting a nice sound out of it is your main goal id go to YouTube and see what they sound like first. 

Along that same path, id see what people are saying on forums online for your truck specifically. Its nice having such a popular platform, people have done everything. See what people say online about the highway drone & effects with AFM. Typically if you buy a system from a reputable company they'll have it figured out so you don't get bad harmonics, that's more an issue with exhausts that are just hacked off or straight piped. 

I dont think it'll cause issues with the AFM, but it may cause weird frequencies depending on what your kit includes. Thats just a guess though cant say for sure.