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Did I buy a reliable car


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I bought a Honda Odyssey 2017 EX-L with 6,967 miles.

Is it a reliable vehicle? It has a handicap ramp which we needed. 

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Congratulations on your new purchase. As Chuck Tobias mentioned 6,967 miles is low on a 7-year-old vehicle but my wife and I purchased a 2013 Honda Accord at the end of 2020 (8 years old) with 8,500 original miles. It was in "like brand new" condition. So though it may be rare to find a diamond in the rough, it does happen. 

If you do not have maintenance records for your Odyssey, I would recommend changing the engine oil and filter with the manufacturer recommended "premium grade 0W-20 detergent oil or synthetic motor oil with an API certification seal on the container." And then change every 5,000 miles or one year, which ever comes first using a premium or OEM oil filter.

And even with that low mileage you may want to check the original tires for any signs of cracking in the sidewalls and tread due to age. 

It should be a very reliable vehicle for you if maintained properly.


It appears to not have much in the way of inherent failure trends but hopefully a mechanic gave it a clean bill of health before you purchased it. (The very low mileage for a 7-year-old vehicle is suspicious.)


please check Scotty's video reviews (bottom of the main page)


Well, it’s not as reliable as a Toyota Sienna nor will last as long.  Your engine (3.5L V6 engine model J35Z8) has cylinder deactivation technology or what Honda calls VCM (Variable Cylinder Management) which is not good for the long term health of the engine.  If it were my van, I would disable it via software.  See link below:


Also, your vehicle has a regular automatic transmission (6-speed) by Honda which is better than the horrible 9-speed transmission by ZF found in the next generation.  Anyways, I would change the transmission fluid (drain and fill) every 40,000 miles along with the filter (if it’s easily accessible).  Use only genuine Honda fluid.

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Thanks for the comments and suggestions.