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Low Tread depth so soon?


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Although I resolved my issue at the dealership yesterday, I'm just curious about something. Can 1 tire, that was rotated every 5k miles and driven under 13k miles, have a tread depth of 2/32 while my other 3 tires are at 6/32? The service department AND General Manager of the dealership told me it's because "You went over a pot hole, or there is an alignment issue." They telling me BS? Or is that possible?? I mean, 2/32 is almost bald..

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A pot hole would not cause excessive tread wear, so right off the bat it appears they are either lying or stupid. I guess if alignment was way off on that one wheel it's possible, but I'd think you'd notice that in the way the car drives. Assuming that their tread depth reading is even true, do you recall if the tire was worn unevenly or was it uniform? They would probably measure the tread depth at the most shallow point.

(Caveat: although I used to work selling and installing tires that was like 50 years ago and I wouldn't call myself an expert.)

The car drives fine, and if it was 2/32 which is almost bald, I think it would stand out and I would notice it. Ya I thibk their measurement was a lie, they probably didn't push the scale down when they put the tread gauge on the tire.


Are my eyes deceiving me or does the tread depth on that affected tyre look identical to your other 3?


Something isn't right. At 2/32" there should be wear bars level with the tread. I'm not seeing that in their photos, though they may just not be in view, it's hard to tell from that angle. Eyeballing the photo though it doesn't look like that tire is down to the 2/32" legal minimum.


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How do I add photos? I'll show you my tires

Instructions for photos are in the "Read this first" post near the top of the forum.



These are photos the service dept sent me in an email.

These are my other 3 tires photos that I took.