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Key fob 1997 Celica


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Hey guys.  One of my two key fobs has stopped working.  The fobs I was given when I bought the car are both cheap aftermarket ones separate from the key, by pressing a button it locks and unlocks the car and can immobilize it and set off the alarm.  If the remaining one goes kapput then I really will have problems.  Tried new fob battery so not that.  Does anyone know how I go about getting a replacement fob?  Dealer out of the question because of cost and bearing in mind I only paid $1200 for the car I want to do it as cheaply as possible.  Thanks in advance!

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Speak to your local locksmiths. Also, it doesn’t hurt to get a quote from the dealer. 

If both the above are exorbitant, watch this -

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Thanks for link.  Checked Tom's website, a link directed me to Amazon to buy the fob I require.  The required fob is $25 and Tom's key company has mixed reviews on Amazon, about how the process simply did not work for them, extra steps are required and so on.  I think I'll now and try and source someone local, just left a message to a local locksmith and he does have excellent reviews.  Will keep you updated.

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