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Should we sell my grand mum’s 1989 Audi 80?


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My grandmother refuses to get rid of her Audi. She still drives a red Audi 80, 06/1989, 1.8 gasoline , 66 kw. It is nearing 400,000 kms. She has had it since ´97. It still runs like a clock, there is no rust on it and everything on it works. She said she does not want another car for the rest of her life even though for the last two years she has been looking at Citroens, namely the C1. 


What do you guys think? Should we get rid of it and buy her a new car or should we keep it? 

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If it's running like a clock, no rust, and everything works. Then why are you trying to have her get rid of it ??  Anyone can look at cars, don't know anyone that doesn't look even when they're happy with what they have. 


Although a complicated car for its time, an Audi of that vintage (over 30 years ago) doesn't have the extremely complex electronics and cheap plastic parts that cause many of the expensive problems on the newer models. I'd say keep it as long as it runs well and isn't a money pit.


Despite having Auris for 2 years now, I still look car ads here and there. And I don't plan to buy any. Perhaps she is that way too.