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Scotty, I live in Buffalo,NY and it started getting hot over here. Today, when I went ahead and turned my AC on,it wasn't blowing cold enough for the first time after I bought the vehicle(2004 Toyota Camry, 2.4 2AZ-FE, Non oil burning). So I went to discount auto parts store and bought an AC recharge kit with low pressure gauge on it. I accidentally overfilled the system and the low pressure gauge was reading high, so I took the vehicle to an auto shop and drained the refrigerant from there(It was a local store and they didn't drain properly and I saw them releasing some in the open air while doing the process). I rented vacuum pump, manifold gauge and weight scale from the auto store along with r134a refrigerant can. Filled it out properly by vacuuming the system according to the correct amount. The AC is working fine now but, my friend who used to work as a mechanic told me that, I should have put refrigerant oil into it as it drained out while discharging the r134a. What can I do now? Provided, I didn't change any parts.

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  • Well it in refrigerant is just an educated guesswork you don't know how much if any oil leaked out. The only way to do it correctly is to flush the entire system when you have to change the dryer then add a factory load and that's a giant pain in the ass. So I would leave it alone

You got lucky, you can easily ruin your AC system with those so-called "recharge kits". When evacuating the system not much oil comes out if it's done right so you're probably OK, but as Scotty says the only way to know for sure is to flush out the entire system and start from scratch - a big pain in the keister. If your compressor is not making any noise and the AC is cooling you're probably OK.

There are oil charge cans available to add oil without discharging the system, as well as oil injectors that can inject a measured amount. However too much oil is no good either. There are gadgets available that purport to check if you have enough refrigerant oil, however I have no idea how well they work.