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[Solved] Lexus NX 300 2020 Buy?


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I'm planning buy Lexus NX 300 AWD (base) (2020) with 35,000 km on it.

Dealership Asking 39k CAD, is it worth buying?

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Pass. Why?

  1. Buying from a dealer is not a good option
  2. The price is a little high.

In my opinion, the NX300 does not worth the money. There are much better options.


Based on the car itself, it’s basically a RAV4 under there. Just with more bells and whistles. If it has a naturally aspirated engine, yes. If it has a turbo engine, maybe. 

Based on the market, the price seems comparable to the current market. Two years ago I’d say it is overpriced for that many mileage. Obviously, if you can talk them down, talk them down. 

Based on the dealer, they usually have higher pricing than private sale. So that is up to you.

Assuming it all checks out. 

Thanks for your reply...
They offered 33500 for my CRV sport 2020 with 33,500 KM.
I'm debating myself , should I accept the offer or not