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Lexus RX300 Headlamp Issue


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Hi Scotty & Friends. My car is a 2003 RX300 with 205k miles. Recently I noticed that either headlamp would go out. sometimes the right, sometimes the left but never both at the same time. Also- sometimes the dashboard light indicator comes on and sometimes it doesn't even if a headlamp is out. And sometimes the lamps work without any issue. sometimes the indicator comes on with both headlamps working. Don't know if it's a ballast or relay issue. Please help, thank, Wayne

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It's probably the bulbs. The filaments could be broken and making intermittent contact.

"Both bulbs failing at the exact same time???", you ask ? 

Probably not. One probably started acting up before the other but it wasn't noticed.

 Still skeptical?

When one of the headlights goes out again, unplug the connector at the bulb and test for power and ground with a test light or multimeter. 

If you have power and ground at the bulb connector, .....  well there you go


Now headlights don't go out but the dash indicator comes on... They are 2 new bulbs.


Swap out your headlight relay with another matching one to see if it's the relay.  If not, it could be an issue with the switch assembly. 

Thanks, Doc, I'll try that first.

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Switched relays, No change. Still the same issue.

Switched relays between the fan and headlight, no change, still same issue.