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P0335 and P0725


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2006 Nissan Sentra 1.8, 166500 miles

A couple weeks ago the check engine light went on. P0335 Crankshaft Position Sensor A was the recommended part based on the autozone scan. I purchased the part at Parts Authority. After a couple hours of trying to wrestle the old sensor out, I put the new one in. Tried driving it and shortly thereafter, check engine light came back on. Scanned it at autozone again and again the P0335 came up with a secondary P0725. Also, it usually now takes multiple cranks to fire up. Most cranks, a few seconds in, it will sound like its making heavy gasping sounds. Usually at this point, I turn it off and try again. When it does start, light is back on. What I've discovered is that if I disconnect the negative cable after I arrive to my destination, it usually starts back up much easier when I'm ready to operate it again. I do have an RPM spike in the 2nd-3rd gear change though. It will jump up sometimes about another 500rpms when it changes gears. Any ideas? Should I try purchasing another crankshaft position sensor? Wonder if Parts Authority would take the return and exchange. I think the P0725 was an engine speed sensor code. Help!

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P0335 Crankshaft Position Sensor A was the recommended part based on the autozone scan.

Diagnostic faults are not part replacement recommendations.

The actual code definition is Crankshaft Position Sensor A Circuit Malfunction.

There are many components involved in getting a crankshaft position signal to the computer.

The troubleshooting steps in the "Possible Solutions" section here needs to be followed:



Always buy parts with a limited lifetime warranty.


Get a Nissan sensor aftermarket 9-10 times cause more problems than they fix and is the car a 2.5 or 1.8? 


And now 0725 is coming up as the primary and 0335 is coming up as secondary. I had noticed the male prongs in the CPS were all bent down in the old one (while the replacement CPS was installed). I straightened them out, re-inserted the new started cranking up much better and quicker...but started showing 0725 and 0335. Strange.

It still sounds like you have a bad crank sensor problem.. sometimes the sensors will leak oil through them and get into the connector which you should clean out with some brake cleaner otherwise if it uses the green spring loaded connector if that green part isn’t seated all the way back out it may just be making a poor connection. If those are good I would get a factory crank sensor