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Hello. My name is George and i have a Opel Astra H 1.4 z14xep 90hp and i need help.Please send me a table to see what the live data should look like on a car that is running in normal parameters.

Thank you in advance.

Clarification: What issue are you having?

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The live data can be hundreds of pages. What exactly the issue is? 

B1S1 O2 sensor heater now is active and after a second in inactive and so and is like that when is idleing.

B1S2 O2 sensor heater is inactive when ideling.

B1S1 O2 sensor is betwen 76 and 780 mV.

B1S2 O2 sensor is 450 mV unless i hit the gass pedal.

It is ok like this or...?

Do you have any issues or any CEL?