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Hey y'all, hope this finds you well and in good spirits.


I’m looking to buy a truck, preferably something smaller. I do not really tow anything or have any work need for it, I just think trucks are cool and like driving them. Would yall have any recommendations? Would it be wise to purchase one, or should I just get a sedan since I have no real need for it?



Any input would be greatly appreciated, thank you! 

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Pickup trucks hold their value better than any sedan. Take my girlfriend's dad's 1998 2500 Dodge Ram. The front of the body is rotted out, but it runs, drives, and, most importantly, it has a solid frame. It's worth something because it's a pickup truck, as long as it runs, drives and the frame is solid, a truck is a truck when it comes down to it. Rusted rocker panels and front fenders mean nothing, it can haul stuff, pretty or not pretty. It's probably the ideal work truck, because you can risk bashes and dents without sending your blood pressure up.

Sedans go out of date as styling tastes change, they're not very useful other than passenger hauling, and rust detracts from their looks. Nobody wants to be seen driving a rusted sedan. Because of this you're going to pay a lot less for a sedan than a truck. 


If you really want a small truck, old Ford Rangers (2011 and before) are pretty reliable if they've been maintained. My DD is a 1999 4x4 with a 3.0 Vulcan V6, the base engine in the 1st generation Taurus (1980s technology, and a very conservatively designed engine for even then). It has 287,000 miles on it. I had the transmission rebuilt not long after I bought it, at 251k miles. The only major issue I've had since is the alternator went out, which is normal wear and tear. I drive the thing 50+ miles a day. I didn't notice some frame rust until after I bought it. A friend fixed the majority of it with his MIG welder for $200.


Toyota Tacomas are the holy grail for reliable trucks, but Nissan Frontiers and Mazda B-Series trucks are also decent. The Mazda is a rebadged Ford Ranger. 


Check the frame for any rust if you find a truck you might like to buy, and have it checked out by a mechanic. Bring a hammer to check how bad rust is. Banging on steel will just make noise. If it crunches and dents, run away. 

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Don't get a pickup unless you need one. it's going to cost you a lot more in gas than a sedan


If you don’t need a truck, just get a sedan.  It will be “cheaper” to buy and you’ll get better fuel economy.


Just get a sedan


Welcome new member!

lots of options.  If you don’t need to do work, then, yeah, look at small to mid size.

if you are thinking late model (2010 or later), or if it is your daily driver for a commute, then your search starts and ends with Tacoma.  Easy.  Just find the nicest one in your budget and you’re done.

If you want a little more character and don’t intend to put a lot of miles on it, I’d look for a square body (first gen) S10 with the 4 cylinder “iron duke” motor.  For a little truck, it has a lot of character and will get you some appreciative nods from truck guys.  Easy to work on yourself and will gain value.  

I also agree with @justin-shepherd to look at a ranger.  YouTuber “Sarah-n-tuned” has a great occasional series on restoring a family ranger she inherited. Could be good inspiration.


Maybe a nissan Titan

in reality all the new trucks are going to look good and buff but not all are good for towing.