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What do you think about the Nissan Kicks?


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Already own the vehicle. Brand new. Only has 300 miles on it. I've been liking it so far , the thing is that im worried about having the vehicle for long term. Do you think it was a good purchase?

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Well you should have asked before buying it, but right now while the used car market is still crazy get rid of it and buy a Toyota Corolla Cross (best choice in my opinion) or Honda hr-v or Toyota ch-r if you want a good reliable subcompact suv. 


Cheap made keep it for two years and then get rid of it. 


There are two different distinct versions of the Kicks. One is based on a Nissan platform. And the other based on the Renault platform. They look almost the same so it is hard to tell them apart. 

The Nissan platform Kicks is sold globally. The Renault platform Kicks is sold only in India.