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My car stalls out


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 I have a 93 thunderbird supercoupe and when I'm idling sometimes it starts to vibrates allot and stall out what could cause that an what do you think of that 3.8 liter v6 engine and this morning  my car stalled out at a stop light and after a while a cranking it over it finally started what could cause that am now it's just starts an then shuts of after a second or 2 

please provide all the information in the instructions please. manual/auto? mileage? etc.

It's an automatic 1993 3.8l v6 supercharged Ford thunderbird with 225,000 kilometers

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  • Well tons of things can cause cars to stall out from weak fuel pumps clogged fuel filters ignition system problems and on and on. But any mechanic like myself can hook us machine up and drive and when it falls out it memorizes the data making it very easy to figure out what stopped working

I have a scan tool but it only tells me codes that's it I got many code I got a code 116,172,136,129,167,225,10 these are all obd1 codes